Anonymous Mail Forwarding & Redirection

To anyone interested. I can provide an anonymous mail forwarding service. Forwarding address will be in Glasgow (UK) city centre.


I charge 50 USD to set up and 10 USD for each letter + postal costs. Or if you will be receiving large amounts of letters: 25 USD monthly fee + postal costs. No parcels. Completely anonymous (No ID). Payments via BTC (bitcoins) and Perfect Money. Transit time about 7 working days. That's how long it takes to deliver airmail to any parts of the world.


I can also scan your letters and forward them to your email. Price is 50 USD registration + 5 USD each letter.


P.S. I do not cover any illegal activities.

Completely Anonymous MasterCard (prepaid & reloadable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What documents are required to get one?
A: No documents are required.


Q: What are the costs?
A: £10-50 (balance) + £10 (my fee).

£50-100 (balance) + £15 (my fee).
£100-200 (balance) + £20 (my fee).
£200-300 (balance) + £30 (my fee).
£300-400 (balance) + £40 (my fee).
For example if you want to buy a new card with a balance of 100 GBP, it will cost you 115 GBP in total. There is 5 GBP card issuance one time fee (included).

Q: Card expiry & validity
A: Valid for 4 years

Q: What name will be printed on?
A: No name. Card is completely anonymous.

Q: Is it possible to send and receive payments with swift/iban?
A: No. Not possible.

Q: Is there an online banking related to this card and can it be used to send money to other swift accounts?
A: Online access available, but you can't send/wire money out.

Q: Top-up limits
A: Up to £2000 GBP in any one year.

Q: How to reload
A: BTC (bitcoins) & Perfect Money. Reloads are possible only through me.

Q: ATM withdrawals possible
A: This service is no longer offered.

Q: Transaction fees
A: 50p each transaction

Q: Where will it be dispatched from? Express delivery?
A: From the UK. Express delivery available at your expense.


Q: How many cards can I buy?
A: There is no restrictions, you can buy as many cards as you want.

Q: Can I gift my prepaid card to friends and/or family?
A: Yes, you can gift it to anyone you want.


Q: I want to book hotels or purchase some tickets online, can I pay for it with this prepaid card?
A: Yes, you can pay for hotel bookings as well as purchase tickets online, or over the phone.

Q: Is there any refund or order cancellation policy?
A: Yes, it is possible to get a refund, but there is a cancellation fee (20%).

Q: Can I use this card to pay for adult/porn sites?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I resell prepaid cards?
A: Yes, you can. I offer discounts for bulk orders. 5+ cards.

Q: Card balance is in British Pounds, but different sites accept payments in different currencies. Will it be accepted?
A: Yes, your payment will be converted into GBP and then debited from your card balance.

In case you have more questions, or need any further information, please use contact page to @ me.
Thank you.